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Crypto Trading News today

  06-08-2021 https://crypto

Why crypto arbitrage is NOT a sure win strategy

  Nearly 1,000 cryptocurrency exchanges exist as of the writing of this article. The market is full of crypto buyers and sellers, which can be a great opportunity to make use of crypto arbitrage trading. How do you define arbitrage trading and what should be your consideration when implementing this strategy? Short term crypto arbitrage trading Arbitrage is the practice of purchasing an asset in one location and selling it in another. This allows traders to make a profit from price differences between markets. E.g. 1 $BTC can be purchased for $16,000 on Binance, but is also currently available at $16,020 on Kraken . So, you buy your Bitcoin on Binance. And hopefully you'll be able to quickly sell it on Kraken for $20. Many traders are thrilled about the chance to make a few dollars from discrepancies in exchanges. However, before you decide to quit your job and cash in on the opportunity, read this article. Crypto arbitrage, like all money-making vehicles, has risks. The

Can You Make A Living From Trading Cryptocurrencies?

  You might be wondering if it is possible to trade cryptocurrencies for a living. Crypto trading is a lucrative business that has many men making a great living. It is likely that the question will be, "How easy is it to earn enough profits to allow you to do nothing but crypto trading?" Expert day traders with many years of experience who trade since a long time, find it very easy to trade crypto markets. For skilled traders, the high volatility is heaven. But it takes effort and time. Day trading can be a business just like any other. However, it is not the right job for everyone. As there are no jobs in this world that are suitable for everyone, so is the case with this job. Everyone has different needs, talents and priorities. To find out if day trading in cryptocurrency is the right choice for you, first answer these questions: Crypto Day Trading: What are the requirements? Are you willing to do anything for freedom? To be successful long-term, you must hav